About Us

National Socket Screw Manufacturing Limited was incorporated in September 1951 by J.A Mcknight and his father, W.W Mcknight. They began making the first products of socket head cap and set screws, by starting with a few Brown and Sharp machines. The company continued to grow and by 1960 the company had a bank of Davenports and headers providing socket screw products to auto companies appliance companies across North America.

1964: the company expanded into a second location and began producing threaded rod for the construction industry. The line of products at this time included plain and zinc plated threaded rod from ¼” to 1”. National Socket was dedicated to producing a quality product, with the right price, and on-time delivery.

1971: the cap screw and socket set screw facility was sold to concentrate on the threaded rod market.

Over the next few years, the company enlarged the second building three times to keep up with customer demand and added the manufacture of ½” to 1” coil rod to the products available.

1977: the third generation became involved with the business and continued to grow the product line. The company expanded into providing domestic B7 products for infastructure markets.

1984: another building was added to the property to allow for additional machinery to open the threaded rod product range to 2-1/2”. National began a partnership with Elco manufacturing to carry the Hangermate line in Canada.

2000: another addition was added to the building to house the large inventory required to provide the quality customer service which is an integral part of the company’s culture.

2005: National became a woman owned company when the third generation became President. The company has continued to expand and provides quality Threaded Rod across the country.

What was once a vision has become a Canadian fastener supplier that ships North America wide and has helped to shape a country with its quality products and “on time” customer service.