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Fire Suppression

Sprinkler systems are secured to the ceiling by threaded rod. Zinc plated threaded rods are the preferred choice for most installations.


In commercial construction nearly all electrical, mechanical and HVAC systems are fastened by threaded rod.


High carbon threaded rod is used in infastructures such as the Pattullo bridge over the Fraser River in Vancouver. It allows precast concrete girders to be continuous for deck weight using high strength threaded rod over the piers.


Young grapes need to be trained to grow correctly. A strong training stake is required that will last for many years. Rolled steel bars are the best for vine training, especially if the vine is to be fastened to the fruit wire. These sturdy stakes will provide ample support for the vine during training and help protect it from machinery.


Threaded rods are an integral part of the packing and shipping process for threaded drill rods. The shipping reels are supported by specially sized threaded rod studs produced in National Socket’s facility in Canada using Canadian steel.


Threaded rod is used extensively in HVAC systems. Zinc

plated or galvanized plated threaded rod is used in a wide

range of applications in HVAC systems, including use

with channel sections, beam clamps, ducting work and duct



Threaded rod is used for applications in plumbing, electrical and structural components in residential construction. They provide a secure and stable connection between structural elements, steel beams and concrete slabs.


Municipal buildings and event venues such as the Rogers

Centre in Toronto use threaded rod in

construction. The HVAC systems, electrical and

mechanical systems are all fastened together with

threaded rod.